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Dear Prospective Sponsor,

With your help and the help of other sponsors like you, we will be able to offer affordable classes to anyone that is interested in learning more about the Czech/Slovakian language and culture, regardless of age, income, or status. In times of limited resources, contributions such as yours make an incredible difference in what is available to our students.
The Czech School of Atlanta, honoring Karel Velan dedicates its effort to teaching children and adults of all ages and origins the Czech/Slovakian culture, language, geography and history. Our goal is to shape and improve local and global Czech/Slovakian communities through the committed participation of its multilingual students, parents and volunteers. It is through your donations, big or small, that we can make this mission a reality.


All information about how to make a donation and all related information can be found in the following documents:

Sponsorship letter (PDF)
Sponsorship flyer (PDF)
Sponsorship commitment (Please contact us at fundraising@czechschoolatlanta.com to obtain a Sponsorship Commitment)
Sponsorship Packages (PDF)


Thank you for your involvement!

Monika Vintrlíková
Vice President and Fundraising Chair
The Czech School of Atlanta, honoring Karel Velan

Please note that The Czech School of Atlanta is a non-profit organization, holding tax exempt 501(c)(3) status since June 30th, 2016.


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