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A. Karel Velan was born in 1918 in Ostrava. With a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, he fled Communist Czechoslovakia with his wife Olga and their two young sons, arriving in Montreal in 1949 to find freedom and human dignity in Canada.

He founded Velan Inc. in Montreal in 1950 and is presently Chief Executive Officer. Velan is currently the World leader in the manufacture and supply of industrial valves with 13 plants located throughout the world. In 2004, Karel Velan was named Pioneer in nuclear valve technology by the Dutch magazine Valve World. His interests in astrophysics and cosmology culminated in Plenum’s publication of his book The Multi-Universe Cosmos in 1992 and Birth and History of the Cosmos in 2000.

Karel Velan was President of the Canada-Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce for 17 years and is now President of the Czech-North American Chamber of Commerce and Culture. His family, the company, and the Velan Foundation have contributed to countless charity projects in both Canada and the Czech Republic. He was involved in setting up a multi-service center, La Rue des Femmes de Montréal, including a women’s shelter called La Maison Olga, namedafter Karel Velan’s wife, and also Domov Olga in Blansko, Czech Republic. To this day, Karel Velan remains very active in numerous enterprises especially in promoting Czech culture and helping those in need.

Karel Velan is enthused about the idea of the Czech School of Atlanta, and the school is fortunate t have his full support. As a nonprofit organization we are dependent on the donations from our sponsors, and we deeply appreciate his financial support. We look forward to continued cooperation and support from Mr. Velan and our Czech community in Atlanta.

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