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atlanta skola broucekBEETLES

Age group: 2 - 4 years of age

This class is intended for the youngest children in the school, and the emphasis is on the individual.

Children use natural products and natural materials in this classroom, they are encouraged to use their creative abilities and independent thinking. Music plays a big part in most of the activities as it makes learning exciting and fun.

Throughout the school year students learn about Czech traditions, customs, symbols, culture and many interesting topics divided into following:

  • September – Czech Symbols, Family
  • October – Fall, Colors, Animals
  • November – My Body / What I Wear, St. Nicholas Celebration
  • December – Christmas
  • January – Winter
  • February – Food / What I Like to Eat, Shapes
  • March – Spring, My Day
  • April – Weather, Easter
  • May – Summer, Summer Vacation

Contact us at: broucci@czechschoolatlanta.com


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