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atlanta skola slunickoSUNSHINES

Age group: 4 - 6 years of age
Every class starts with greeting each other and singing the Czech national anthem “Kde domov muj”.

Throughout the school year students learn about Czech traditions, customs, symbols, culture and many interesting topics divided into following:


  • September – Czech Symbols, Family
  • October – Fall, Colors, Animals
  • November – My Body / What I Wear, St. Nicholas Celebration
  • December – Christmas
  • January – Winter
  • February – Food / What I Like to Eat, Shapes
  • March – Spring, My Day
  • April – Weather, Easter
  • May – Summer, Summer Vacation

Czech language is mostly spoken in the classroom: however, taken that there are some non-Czech speaking children, some English is used as well. There are books, work sheets, games, and story-telling used in the instruction, with prepared activity for each topic. Students create arts and crafts, as well as gifts for their parents for any upcoming occasion/holiday.

Contact us at: slunicka@czechschoolatlanta.com


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