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atlanta skola kniha hulkaWIZARDS

Age group: 6 - 12 years of age

All of the students follow the same textbook and workbook – “Čeština pro malé cizince 1”. In addition to the workbooks, students learn about Czech traditions, customs, symbols, culture and many interesting topics divided into following:


  • September – Czech Symbols, Family
  • October – Fall, Colors, Animals
  • November – My Body / What I Wear, St. Nicholas Celebration
  • December – Christmas
  • January – Winter
  • February – Food / What I Like to Eat, Shapes
  • March – Spring, My Day
  • April – Weather, Easter
  • May – Summer, Summer Vacation

Wizards are working on a comprehensive project called “Lexikon”. Lexikon will reflect a summary of coursework for each student during the year. The name “Lexikon” was used in the film “Dívka na koštěti” (The Girl on the Broomstick), which also has a sequel “Saxána a Lexikon kouzel” (Saxana and Lexicon of Magic).

Contact us at: kouzelnici@czechschoolatlanta.com


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